Setup and Install

A Choicelab story lives on the web, but you'll create it using a couple tools on your computer. You'll want to have:

  • A Mac or Windows computer
  • A plain text editor: e.g. Notepad for Windows, TextEdit for macOS, or a third-party editor like Atom
  • The Choicelab Preview app and starter project we sent you

The starter project is a Choicelab project folder: you'll add and edit files here to create your story. You may also want to rename the starter project folder so you can easily recognize the name of your project.

Viewing and editing projects

Open Choicelab Preview, press Choose Project Folder, then select the starter project.

A flowchart of the project will open. You can press the 👁 button in the toolbar to preview the project in your browser.

Choicelab Preview app with starter project open

As you edit your files, both the flowchart and the web preview will automatically update with your changes.

You're off to the races! Next, we'll go over the basics of writing in Choicelab.