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Make rich interactive stories for the web.

Choicelab lets you write and produce your own interactive stories — where the player decides what happens next. Use audio and video to enrich moments; time elements to appear exactly when you want players to see them; and if you’re savvy with web languages, expand Choicelab with your own custom features.

You don’t need to know how to make websites to make a Choicelab story. You just need a computer and a text editor.

What can you make with Choicelab?

  • Immersive text stories

    Time text and answer choices to appear at key moments. Incorporate imagery like comics or photography with ease.

  • Interactive videos and podcasts

    Use Choicelab's native video and audio support to create multimedia stories.

  • Story-driven games

    Got JavaScript/Canvas chops? Create your own visuals and controls, and connect it to Choicelab yourself.

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Choicelab is currently available as a private beta. If you're a writer and love experimenting with new story formats, sign up for our beta list.